3rd of october, Rostock

The bus arrived in Hamburg City at the 29th of october. We arrived on a place that was prepared for us, everyone could take a rest, meet people and have lunch. The people, who had been awaiting and preparing our visit for days, welcomed us. On the morning of the next day we went to put the actions into practice we had planned for the Hamburg area before. We were not allowed to entered the camp (Horst) and
some refugees from inside the camp and other people were meeting us there.
We met refugees that called people inside the camp and near the fences. Then we had lots of discussions and explained about the protest, and people inside were very interested and surprised. After that the Bus team decided to make a meeting, sitting on the floor in front of the camp. After we finished, we left the camp and screamed slogans to support refugees, and then we went to other camps in the evening.
On the next day the bus left to Kiel City and stopped on the way to meet people in a big camp in an area called New Münster.
We were also not allowed to enter the camp but met refugees outside again. We distributed leaflets to people in the camp and handed them through the fences.
The bus arrived in Kiel in the evening and the team immediately visited a camp, after
dropping our luggage in the sleeping place. Next day we had an early breakfast and left Kiel to go to Lübeck. We only spent one night in Lübeck and changed busses.
Then we went to two camps and met many interested and active people which came on the bus.
A lot of others promised to meet us in Berlin.
On the next day, 3rd of october, there only remains 1 more day before meeting our friends who have been walking from Würzburg to Berlin. Now the Bus is in Rostock. We are all looking forward to the moment of meeting the others from the footmarch and the moments of facing the german government in Berlin. Now the truth will come out.
In Potsdam, the footmarch and the busroute, now with about 30 people, will walk the last kilometres to Berlin together.